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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reverb10, Day 30: Giving thanks to you, on the eve of a new year

Prompt: Gift. This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What's the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year?

Author: Holly Root
Waxman Literary Agency
My family. Rock. Daily support system. Source of never ending patience and love.
This one is dedicated to you. Yes, you. My readers. My friends. My mentors. My family. My community. My boss. My boss's mother. My fellow writers. My fellow farmers. All of you.

My Siamese twin. Reader. Read. Writer. Fitness ninja. Inspiration. Soul sista!
The best gift this year has been the unwavering, inspiring, encouraging support from you. Letting go of everything familiar. Jumping off the cliff of security without knowing whether I would suddenly sprout wings, has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Saying: I want to be a writer and a farmer. I want to love my work. I want my work to be joyful and inspiring. I want to be passionate about my work. I want my work to be a form of worship. I want it to be an act of service. I want it to contribute to the betterment of the world -- takes a lot of courage and faith.

Community. Readers. Support. Heart. Home.

Mentors, soul sisters, readers, inspiring souls, friends

Readers. Encouraging supporters. The people who remind me to be silly :-)

Life long friend and soul sister. Constant source of inspiration and encouragement.

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure anyone would be interested in what I had to say. I wasn't sure that I would say it well enough to grab your attention. I wanted to contribute something to the world that would contribute to the beauty and joy of the world around me. That would make you see things that you experience every day from a slightly different perspective -- from the perspective of presence.

Fellow writer, explorer, reader and soul sister for life.

College roommate, inspiration, spiritual sister

Soul sister. Life long friend

Mentor. Friend. Community member. Reader. Inspiration

Fellow writer, inspiration, friend, soul sister
Within a few days of starting this blog, a few of you totally fantastic people (you know who you are) signed up to "follow" my blog. Since then, more and more of you have started "following" this humble blog of mine, and many more are reading it every day.

Lifelong friend and soul sister

Friends, mentors, colleagues

Lifelong mentor

My (former) boss and mentor

Colleague. Reader. Inspiring soul. Friend.

My (former) boss's mother, and good friend

Friend. A lady whose courage and determination inspires me to no end!

Mentor. Wild woman. Adventurer. Friend. Family.

Family. Friends. Spiritual inspiration. Fellow farmers.

Soul sista. Life long friend. Amazingly inspiring woman.

Long lost sister. Life long friend. Inspiring, beautiful, creative dancer

Mentor. Life long friend. Spiritual colleague. Community. Family.

Life long friend. Writer. Met when we were toddlers. Amazingly, she still puts up with me!!

Inspiration. Friends. Mother. Readers. Graceful, fun-loving soul sistas!
You are reading in the morning. You are reading while I am sleeping. You are reading while I am writing. You are reading all over the world! Having people like you reading my blog on a regular basis totally blows me away! I love to write, and will keep writing no matter what, but knowing that you are reading what I write, and that it is contributing something positive to your life, is invaluable to me. The connection between me as a writer, and you as a reader, is a spark that sends reverberations out that invigorate my creative process...big time!

The wildest, most creative people in the world. Life long friends. Support. Inspiration.

Soul sister. and brother. Fellow travelers. Inspiring scientist. Well-loved computer geek. Encouragement.
 So this entry is my gift to you. You who inspire me as a writer every day, and teach me about being committed so that I, in turn, push myself to be more committed to my writing process -- to sit down and write regularly and consistently. You who write to me to tell me that my blog is inspiring you and your creative process. You who are inspiring me, and supporting, and encouraging me to pursue my dream of writing by calling, or writing me hand-written letters, or sending me emails...knowing that I am surrounded by a supportive community of friends who believe in my dream and cheer me on as I grow as a writer, blossoming farmer, entrepreneur, woman, friend and traveler is an incredible gift.

Fellow children's class teachers. Soul sisters and brother. Creativity central. Inspiration. Joy!
So thank you for the gift that you have given me this year! I would not have made it this far without you. I am learning that one does not succeed at anything in life alone. Success is the result of living in a community composed of supportive and inspiring relationships with others. Of being present.

Beautiful family. Loving. Supportive. Joy.

He is teaching me the piano. Constant, never ending source of inspiration.

Spiritual family.

Sister. Writer. Reader. Amazing creative genius!

Friend. Colleague. Fellow world-traveler.

Soul sister. Friend. A woman who keeps me humble and open hearted.

Family. Sister. Brother. Writer. Photographer. Inspiration. Support. Friends.

Community. Possibility. Encouragement. Diversity.
Thank you, you inspiring people!! I hope the year ahead generates more excitement and creative inspiration for all of you! I look forward to hearing from you more. To learning more about your stories, thoughts and reflections, as well as how my blog contributes positively to your creative process and life.

Happy new year to you all!

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