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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dancing barefoot in the kitchen

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I have been trying to integrate more moments of play into my life. One way I have been doing this is through dance. Yes, dance. I used to dance a lot, alone and with friends. Dancing makes me feel at home in my body. It makes my heart feel happy, and my body feel energized. And, let's be honest: there is very little that is as silly and fun as rocking out barefoot in the kitchen first thing in the morning while you wait for the kettle to boil. It is an instant giggle generator. A definite smile from ear-to-ear creator. When was the last time that you turned on an awesome tune and danced as if nobody was watching? (and I am talking to you men, as well as the women who are reading this!)

In the interests of generating an active (as in you actually giving this a try in the next day or two) response, I am including a couple of links here to inspire you, make you laugh, and get you moving!

The first link is of Sean Stephenson. Sean makes me smile, and every time I watch this video, it makes me want to dance. 

This second one brings together dancing fun from so many movies that I stopped trying to keep track about half way through. It is hard to keep your feet still (and why try?)

Judson Laipply is famous for inspiring people with his dance moves. I found his Evolution of Dance video, his Evolution of Dance 2, and Evolution of Dance 3. Is there a part 4?

And I absolutely love this animated version of James Brown's I've got you. but the original is the best of course.

Are you dancing yet? :-)

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