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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good book on a cold evening

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It is a chilly day here today. I had to--gasp--wear a sweater inside my coat when I went outside! I have been walking around all day shivering, and I know it is just because the insulation in our house is so lacking. That is the difference between California and Canada in my opinion when it comes to feeling the cold. It is bloody freezing in Canada, but Canadians know how to dress for it. They also know how to insulate and heat their homes. Here I smile when I see people wandering around in tank tops with light jean or leather jackets thrown over the top shivering and complaining that it is just too cold. Californians are reluctant to dress for any season other than summer I find, and it amuses me to no end. The photo above is of me back on Prince Edward Island in Canada. It seemed perfect for this post about the cold!!!

Still.....I am feeling the cold INSIDE the house today despite my many layers and endless cups of hot tea, and cannot wait to snuggle underneath the warm covers with my book. I am reading The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton. I have read about ten books in the last couple of weeks, and this one is by far the most intricately woven tale. The imagery is not poetic, but it is descriptive enough that I can clearly imagine the characters and scenes, and the plot is engaging, involving two continents so far and the stories of multiple generations--I found myself disappointed when my eyes started fluttering closed last night before I had reached half way through the novel. That is another thing I like about it -- it is thick --549 pages. Which means I will have reading material for at least a couple of days! ;-)

Have you read any good historical or other works of fiction that you were particularly impressed by recently? I am always on the lookout for something new. If you have, please share your recommendations in the comments section below.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, I hope you are curled up somewhere warm, cozy, and in possession of a well-written, engrossing book (and if you are sweating your way through a long hot humid afternoon in the southern hemisphere, I hope a fan is on, and that you are swaying in a hammock in the shade!) There is something about winter and books, isn't there? Have a great night, friends! 


  1. haven't read anything but wanted you to know i'm thinking of you and with you in spirit. i love the cold weather.. i really find myself present in winter, very appreciative of the stillness of the season. i like when everything slows down in Nature and especially when the snow falls.. i like fires, baking, and blankets. autumn is my favorite season but winter definitely has its place in the cycle of life. now that i live in ghana and do not experience any cold weather, i'm enjoying all of the chilliness of the season here :). hugs to you!

  2. @ We Are One: Totally with you on this one. I miss that stillness to be honest. It gives humans and the earth time for rejuvenation. I will actually be in Canada in a couple of weeks for a visit, and I am really looking forward to the snow (and hoping there IS some snow while I am there as they have been having a very mild winter so far)...I too love the autumn! Summer used to be my favourite season, but then I moved to Atlantic Canada and discovered the beautiful foliage and fell in love. Enjoy "winter" in Ghana!!