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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Photo by Ariana Salvo. May not be reproduced without permission.

I came across the word "crepuscular" tonight in a novel I am reading in which the main character describes himself as being "crepuscular." I had heard the word in Italian, but never heard anyone use it in English before. Grabbing a dictionary, I came across a number of meanings, including: 

1. Of, resembling, or relating to twilight
2. A period of dull/faint light at either dawn or dusk
3. Light that has not yet reached its fullest brilliance/potential 

I like the idea that light is hinting at, but not yet achieving its fullest potential both when it is growing towards brilliance and when waning into the inky blackness of the night. I also am intrigued by the idea that things other than light can be described as being crepuscular. In my last blog entry I wrote about seeing the light in those around us. Do you see the crepuscular light in those around you? Do you see the crepuscular light in yourself? How can you nurture it to make the transition from half-light to brilliance? 


  1. Oh my dear, Even the light that is emanating from this blog page is beckoning us to realize our potential, full of hope and fulfillment! Today, as our community prepares to relinquish one of our dear souls into the next world, that world of light, your message reminds that this becoming one with the light is always there, our true path. All my love, mom

  2. Dear mom, I am glad you enjoyed this entry! Thank you for your love and your support of my writing, and realizing my own fullest potential. Much love to you.