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Friday, March 16, 2012

Request for prayers

I received news this morning that one of my best friends may be very sick. She is flying to England this weekend for tests and possible treatment. She has been on my mind all day. As walked the dog, as I did social media work for clients. As I had a business meeting this afternoon. As I rode the bus. And even tonight as I helped host a movie night for the junior youth in my community.

Thinking about the possibility of her being unwell got me thinking about what my world would be like without her in it, and realizing that I truly cannot imagine my universe without her in it. I have known her for over twenty years. She has been, and continues to be one of those friends who is there for me no matter what. She doesn't judge me, or criticize me, but she does remind me to always strive to be the best person that I am capable of being. She reminds me to hold onto my religious values. She shows me, through her own unshakable faith what it means to truly trust wholly in God. She is an example to me of what being a strong, hard-working, endlessly patient and unwaveringly determined mother means. She is a great cook. She can be serious, but knows when it is time to sit back, relax, and laugh out loud. She is courageous and creative, optimistic and open-hearted. She is a beautiful person both inside and out, and I feel blessed to know her as one of my best friends.

It is hard to know that someone I love is going through tough times and that I am not able to be near them, so I have been thinking all day of ways I could contribute something positive to her process. What I came up with is this: I am already saying healing prayers for her. I believe that saying healing prayers sends positive energy out into the universe that will inevitably assist her through the toughest part of this journey she is on. I would like to invite you to join me by saying some healing prayers for my dear friend. If you would like to join me, just leave your name below in the comments section letting me know that you will be joining my healing prayer campaign.

I look forward to praying with you, friends! Let's send out a flood of healing energy!!!


  1. ariana, you are so blessed to experience such a friendship, and surely she is as well to have you as her dear friend!!

  2. Hello Arianna
    I will be saying prayers for you and your friend. Yes ! I like your line Let's send out a flood of healing energy!!! I think we have no idea how powerful healing prayers are. Take care and hope to see you soon. Miss you xoxoxo

  3. Ariana, I will be praying for your friend, her family and you.



  4. I will sned her some metta, lovingkindness prayers this afternoon, Ariana.

    May she be healthy and well. May she be safe and protected from inner and outer harm. May she love and trust herself completely. May she be free of suffering.

  5. Prayers will be offered each day for the next month for both you and your friend.

  6. There are those special friends to us all in the world. This reminds us to cherish the moments we have with any of our friends all the time. May your friend be comforted by the love of God.