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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lobsters & gratitude

It is late Monday night, almost Tuesday morning. In six hours my alarm will go off, drawing me into another full day. Life has been rather insane lately, but it has also been well-lived. Every moment of my day is filled...so much so that I find myself yearning for time to rest or sit in silence and read a good book. Sometimes the speed at which my life is moving feels like a bit much. But then I look around me and realize that I am only feeling run off my feet because doors are opening. Many doors. And some windows too! I would not be awake this late if I had come straight home this evening. But one of my closest friends turned up downtown to surprise me after work, and asked me to join her for supper, so I got home later than I had planned. I also had a superb supper with a good friend filled with laughter, and a lovely walk home in excellent company, which put me in a much better space to get a lot of work done tonight, which I did. So I will get less sleep tonight. After two years of too much sleep and too little work, in a way this experience is refreshing.

I am feeling grateful for a hell of a lot today, but here's my abbreviated gratitude list for today:

1. My friend Honeylyn, who turns up for me and makes me smile and laugh out loud on a regular basis.
2. My work, which, despite being a non-stop barrage of work, is nevertheless exceptionally awesome.
3. Lobsters. Because the season starts tomorrow, and because I get to go pick up the first lobsters of the season on Wednesday with a fisherman straight from the wharf.
4. Chloe, the dog I walk, who is a constant source of amusement and fun.
5. Good coffee shops, and great people to share them with.
6. Free internet connections. Because I am rarely home. And because I am going through a cheap phase.
7. A warm coat. Because it was bloody cold today despite being the end of April.
8. The public library. Because I do not own a television, and books are my epic adventure every night before I fall asleep.
9. Hot showers, warm beds, and late night bowls of gluten free maple nut cereal. Just because.

And with that, I wish you a great Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Sometimes we get so caught up in our busyness that we forget about all the things we should be grateful for. When I still myself I remember to be thankful, to be grateful for all the beauty that fills my life, for the small things that make me smile, fills my heart with joy, feeds my soul. So with gratitude I thank you for the reminder to be grateful.