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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainy Wednesday ramblings

This morning I attended a press conference at which the winner of PEI Burger Love was announced. PEI Burger Love is an annual event that is a month long in which any local restaurant that would like to participate creates a burger using local beef. Diners get to visit all participating locations, enjoy one of the creations, and vote for their favourite burger. PEI's most loved burger for 2012 is called the Goddess--a Mediterranean inspired burger that will remain on the Papa Joe's menu now for a while -- maybe a year?

Being a social media content manager is an interesting job. My work varies from being out in fields in rubber boots taking photographs of farmers harvesting the first Rhubarb of the season to sitting in a press conference next to the Minister of Agriculture, as I was today. I love the diversity of activities when I am telling the story of place, land and people. I have yet to see how I feel about social media work that does not involve agriculture or food. Stay tuned. I am sure I will have more to say about that soon!

It was pouring today. Buckets and buckets of rain. I had to dry myself off with a paper towel before entering the press conference as unlike most of my peers, I walked to the event this morning. Nothing like being drenched for keeping up professional appearances. After the press conference I walked back downtown, updated Facebook & Twitter on my computer instead of a device that thus far drives me crazy (HOW many times do I have to hit a letter before I actually SEE that letter instead of the one next to it? I miss old school buttons on phones), and then dashed around the corner to a little Thai restaurant where one of my best friends and I shared a bowl of coconut, shrimp and mushroom soup with sticky rice while we watched the rain falling endlessly outside.

This afternoon I re-settled at Starbucks. I usually avoid chains, but whenever I feel like being anonymous, or just seeing people I would not ordinarily ever see I go to Starbucks. I find it interesting that the people who frequent Starbucks are such a different crowd from those who go to the Farmer's market, Leonhard's or Young Folk & the Kettle Black -- my favourite hangouts. I guess it would make sense that people who like chains would not be the same people who support local establishments, but I still find it amazing what a steady stream of customers flowed through Starbucks this afternoon while I was working.

This evening I took the bus home. It was still raining and I was damp and cold, and not up for more trudging through puddles with my wet shoes and socks. I am not complaining -- it is where I am at -- but it often feels these days like I am running a marathon every day just to barely keep up with those around me who are doing almost the same thing I am. I know it is just a phase--not having officially started my new job yet, and not having my own apartment or transportation yet just means a lot of my day is spent walking or seeing things that would make life easier but that I cannot really afford yet. I am learning to be patient, and to be my own cheerleader. I have started singing while I walk. And praying. Today I sang "It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day!" It didn't make me any less wet, but it did keep me moving forward at lightening speed....ok so the rain contributed to my pace, but the singing definitely helped!

It is almost 8.30pm. I am signing out. Working in social media means I live on the computer. While I love what I do, I do not love being on a computer this much, and it takes a lot of effort to convince myself to blog at the end of a long day of posting and monitoring numbers for my clients. But for today I have turned up, and been present with you, readers. And now I am going to go be present with myself for a little while before sleep. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are having a lovely day. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Ariana, thank you for the stories of balancing fieldwork with the other aspects of your work - report writing and presentation. And going around to farms and meeting farmers you will hear stories that stand up comedians would have a hard time coming up with...

    Having done similar work doing water well surveys, one of the best lines I heared was from an old Scottish farmer who was 'grazing his heffers' that's cows, on some rolling land in a ravine. Although some farmers might have thought he had the less desirable land plot around, he proceeded to say that 'Only a Scottsman knows - that when you buy hilly land, you get more acres per acre!'.

    Enjoy your time tromping around alongside the farmers and bring an open mind and open heart, and you will be duly rewarded with memories that will last you a lifetime!