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Monday, May 14, 2012

Poppies, red raspberries & dreams

It is gratitude Monday, and this is what I am grateful for today.

1. My Spring view today in downtown Charlottetown while I walked the dog...

You know....instead of this

2. Friends that walk all the way across town to meet me for supper before turning around and going all the way back across town for an evening class.

3. The delicious meals I have had today, made using local beef, local potatoes, local carrots, and so much more. It is wonderful to live somewhere that has such a bountiful harvest.

4. Home made raspberry jam and almond butter on gluten free bread. Read: take raspberries, put them in a saucepan, turn the heat on, melt them down into liquid, spread thickly over almond butter while still warm. This is what it looks like when done:

Ok so I nibbled. YOU try not taking a bite of something that looks that good. I dare you. ;-)

4. My mother. It being mother's day on Sunday and my being so far away from her and all....She is a pretty awesome lady. I don't know how I would have gotten this far without her.

5. Public buses. Because I have had a pinched nerve in my leg/foot all weekend and have had a numb right foot and calf, which makes walking rather tiring. I especially love public buses here, and the way the drivers know every single one of their passengers, and wait when someone they know should be on the bus is not there.

6. Hot baths. Because after taking one everything that seemed just too much to tackle somehow seems doable again.

7. Friends who invite me to house sit as I will be doing for the second half of this week. I cannot wait to be in a home all by myself for a few days.

8. My work. Because even when it is tough and overwhelming, as it is right now,  it is never boring. I am always learning something new, and being challenged to improve my skills to better represent and promote my clients and their products/services.

9. My bed. You got it. The only thing between me and it right now is my computer. Time to sign off!

And you, friends? What are you grateful for on this Spring Monday? 

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  1. Well as I write this comment it is Spring Wednesday. Today I feel so grateful for my dog Lukka who loves to go to the beach with me. She doesn't mind my beach combing as it allows her to do some beach sniffing, trying to find her own treasures. I am grateful for the blossoms that appear everywhere. I am grateful for this off work time I have to spend more time creating, reading, writing, taking care of my body, journalling and playing word games with my cousin who lives in Ontario. I am most grateful for my beloved Erin who makes me tea in the morning, fills my heart with joy and love and compassion, supports me in all that I endeavour to do, try to do, want to do. I am also grateful for these precious moments and for all the lessons that life offers. Lastly I am grateful for your words for they inspire me and let me tag along with you during your day.